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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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a reporter and a cameraman shot dead during a live tv news report this morning. it happened in central virginia. right now an intense manhunt is under way for the killer. it is a shocking story. good morning, i'm chris cato. let's take another look at that video. the reporter, 24-year-old allison parker and the photographer, 27-year-old adam ward, were doing a live interview for a cbs station at a shopping center in virginia when a gunman walked up and open fire. virginia's governor says the gunman is a disgruntled former station employee. parker and ward were both working the morning shift when they were killed. again, doing a live report, a feature story on tourism there when those shots rang out.
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eight shots, they say, fired by the gunman. police are chasing a suspect on a highway in virginia. the shooting happened at a shopping center in moneta, virginia, south of roanoke. the general manager of the cbs affiliate says police have advised all station employees to stay inside the building until the suspect is caught. at least 20 schools in that area of virginia are on lockdown as a precaution. we will continue following this unfolding story. again, a chase happening right now, a manhunt occurring on highways in virginia for the suspected gunman. they have his vehicle description, his tag number, his name. it's a matter of catching him now. the man suspected of killing a television news crew this morning during a live report. also a third person was wounded in that shooting. we'll stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout our 11:00 a.m. broadcast. back at home, philadelphia police say one of their officers
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shot a suspect this morning as the suspect tried to ambush his partner. as nbc10's monique braxton reports, it happened after a robbery call. >> reporter: crime scene investigators are here along with detectives processing the scene. philadelphia police say one of their own shot an armed robber before he shot one of them. philadelphia police crime scene officers remove an alleged robber's gun from where he dropped it after being shot by police this morning. we watch as they collect the serial number. >> semi-automatic handgun. >> reporter: investigators say at 6:00 they were called to 60th and spruce by the victim who told them they were robbed walking to work. officers saw a male matching that description in the 200 block of edgewood street. one officer ran after the suspect, his partner stayed in the car. >> the male suspect started running north on 61st street,
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stopped one or two houses in, turned around and waited to ambush the officer that was chasing him on foot. >> reporter: police also say the gunman failed to drop the gun when ordered to do so. that's when the officer in the cruiser fired one shot, hitting the suspect in the stomach. the victim has identified the handgun pointed at him. meantime, the commander on duty says this team knows the daily risks on the streets. >> phenomenal officer, very intelligent. i'm sure he knew the risk of chasing an armed suspect. he saw the gun and chased him anyway. he turned the corner and his partner saved his life. >> reporter: police tell us the suspect is in surgery. their officers are being interviewed by internal affairs. in west philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." a shooting at a philadelphia bar left one man in critical condition, another facing charges and several customers shaken after a close call. police say two men got into a fight at the last shot in port
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richmond. they went outside, one man pulled a gun, shooting the other man three times. the victim ran back into the bar and police say the suspect fired two more shots, barely missing other customers. police arrested the suspect. a man is dead after a crash ripped a car in two in burlington county. happened on route 130 and beverly road. police say the car hit the utility pole, shredding the car in half. a 22-year-old man died. another person that fr that car was flown to the hospital with significant head injuries and broken ribs. route 130 northbound is now reopened after being closed for several hours. skyforce10 was over a rowhome fire in nicetown. crews put out that fire around 9:30 this morning. initially there were reports of people trapped inside the home. the good news is everyone made it out safely. skyforce10 was also over a house fire in philadelphia's
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germantown section. that fire started on kimball avenue before 9:00. no one hurt in this one either. we're working to find out the causes of both of those fires. more than two dozen people need a place to stay after a fire ripped through an apartment complex in king of pressuussia. as katy zachry, fire cruise needed a hand from utility crews to put out the fire. >> reporter: one woman who lives on the second floor says she woke up to a loud pop, then she felt the wall which was hot to the touch. she woke up her neighbors and called 911. >> standing back, trying to get the smoke out of their faces. >> reporter: michael lives in the abrams apartment building next to the one that caught on fire. he wap tocaptured the growing f on his ipad. >> the police were here immediately. they got to work, running around. eventually we had a ton of
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ladder trucks here from radner, berlin, norristown, estenor ton, all over the place. they were really prepared. >> reporter: it took all those firefighters nearly five hours to get control. most of the fire was out earlier than that but a ruptured gas line fueled this smaller fire. he had got control of that once pico crews got on scene with a backhoe and turned off the gas line. >> if you get a shot of the roof, the roof is completely burnt off this complex. >> reporter: some people say their sprinklers or fire alarms did not go off because the fire appears to have started on the outside of the building. fortunately, there were no injuries reported. the fire marshal is investigating the cause. reporting from king of prussia, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." 11:06. investors hope stocks end up on the plus side after another wild ride on wall street yesterday.
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live look at the big board. the dow is up 239 points. the dow ended yesterday down 203 points, even though trading got off to a good start. at one point in the day yesterday, the dow was up 441 points. it was the market's biggest reversal since october 2008. over the past six days, the dow has lost 1900 points. the chinese markets in shanghai and hong kong showed gains for most of the days before slumping just before closing. by contrast, the nikkei index in japan rose sharply. that may be what's behind today's surge on wall street. again, the dow up right now about 283 points. we have some new information now in a suspicious death investigation. we now know a man found dead inside a car in new castle county monday night recently graduated from law school. we also know the victim, 27-year-old who graduated from temple university law this year. skyforce10 was over the parking lot of genesis health care
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monday night where that man was found shot to death inside his car. investigators say the victim lived nearby. yesterday, police were still combing the area around the crime scene. 11:08. cherry hill police want to find this man. they say he used a counterfeit $100 bill at wagman's. they say the man was seen getting out of of a red colored mini van in the store parking lot on route 70. if you have any information, call cherry hill police. pennsylvania is no closer to a budget this morning. the republican majority failed to convince democrats to override any part of governor tom wolf's veto. the house voted 14 times to override the governor's veto. each vote was about a specific item in the budget itself. they then argued the procedure violated the state constitution. but republicans claimed there was legal standing to restore spending by individual line item
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vetoes. the state has been without a budget now since june 30th. an update on a school budget battle in delaware county. a judge denied governor tom wolf's request to change charter school funding for the charter-upland school district. the cash-strapped district is required to pay charter schools $40,000 for each special education student while public schools get less than half that amount. during a school board hearing last night, several parents voiced their concerns. >> we need chester upland skoolgz to open, to stay open. to do that, we need a fair funding formula. >> now, governor wolf had recommended cutting the amount of funding for each student by more than half. the district is $20 million in debt. la salle university's new president announced that she's laid off nearly two dozen employees and she blames that move on a $12 million budget shortfa shortfall. she says enrollment is down at the school and operating costs are up. in an open letter to the
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university, she says the steps taken, the layoffs will help la salle keep their 150-year-old mission. she says this is not the first time la salle has overcome diversity. she wrote, la salle will persevere and with our courage and our faith and a keen focus on achieving institutional excellence, emerge stronger than ever. an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. out of virginia, two people, a reporter and a television cameraman shot dead this morning on live television. during an interview there at a tv station in virginia. we're told the suspect now is a disgruntled former employee from that station. he has not been captured. police do have his name. they have his car description and tag number. they're looking for him throughout that area of central and southeast virginia. this is outside the roanoke area. we're keeping our eye on that manhunt. we'll have any information for you as soon as it breaks. a sad story out of the roanoke
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area of virginia. well, donald trump gets in another live tv confrontation. >> sit down. sit down. >> we'll bring you more of that angry exchange he had with a univision television anchor. that ahead. and a dramatic whale rescue caught on camera. we'll tell you what's behind this and what happened to the whale. well, tropical storm now threatening part of the caribbean now. i'll show you where it's headed and i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up.
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an update on the breaking news we've been following this morning. a shocking story. someone shot and killed a reporter and photographer during a live television report in virginia this morning. it happened about 25 miles outside of roanoke. we're told by the governor of virginia that the suspect is a disgruntled former employee at that cbs station in roanoke. at this point he has not been caught. police have his name, his car description. they're looking for him. we will bring you any details as they develop in that manhunt. decision 2016 now. today on the "today" show, donald trump said univision anchor jorge ramos was totally out of line. nbc's peter alexander reports.
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>> reporter: in iowa tuesday night more fireworks and another feud. >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. >> reporter: a combative donald trump confronted by univision jorge ramos about trump's controversial comments on immigration. >> i have the right -- >> you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> reporter: the anchor escorted out of the room. ramos has been a fierce critic of trump's, recently accusing him of spreading hate. >> right now donald trump is the loudest voice of intolerance, hatred and division in united states. >> reporter: he was later let back in where the two sparred at length on immigration. >> undocumented immigrants in -- are you going to bring the army? >> we're going to do it in a very humane fashion. believe me. >> reporter: and that wall trump is going to build. >> how are you going to build a 1900 mile wall?
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>> i'm a builder. i build -- can i tell you what's more complicated? what's more complicated is building a building that's 95 stories tall. >> reporter: at time things got personal. >> you know the number and you know you're part of the lawsuit? how much am i suing univision for? it's $500 million. believe me. i have a bigger heart than you do. now he's an honest guy. i like him. >> reporter: trump isn't backing down with his reignited fight with fox news even after fox president called him to apologize for his tirade against megyn kelly. trump tweeted he liked her show better when she was on vacation. he called that an unprovoked attack which is as unacceptable as disturbing. >> it's a very small element in my life, megyn kelly. no, i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me, but i just don't care. >> reporter: then he added insight on his philosophy of
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firing back. >> when people treat me unfairly, i don't let them forget. >> reporter: that would include jeb bush, who recently began hitting trump on immigration. tuesday blasting trump's plan as wildly unrealistic. tuesday night trump promised to hold back. >> and the second place was so far back, we won't even talk about it because i want to be nice tonight. i want to be nice. >> nbc's peter alexander reporting there. marco rubio is cap paini ca in new hampshire. he met with voters in orford. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is interrupting her vacation to go to iowa today. she's expected to face growing questions over the e-mail scandal that just won't go away, as well as a potential challenge from vice president biden. a new poll shows mixed signals for the democratic front-runner in iowa. 54% there say they are blacking clinton. bernie sanders trails her by 34
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points. the vice president comes in third. but 52% of democrats in iowa also say that the controversy over clinton's e-mails could hurt her in a general election. just another sign that the scandal is not going away. a 26-foot antarctic whale was rescued off the coast of new zealand after being stuck for six hours. members of the project rescue organization joined volunteers to help free a whale this morning. the crews were forced to continuously pour water over the mammal because he was stuck in a dry, low tide area. >> it looked like it was not doing anything. >> the managed to refloat itself and was last seen swimming freely away. it was later safely guided out to sea. well, we've got some great weather ahead.
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we had some yesterday. it's even more comfortable today. we've got three beauties today, tomorrow and friday. the 90s look like they are going to return, though. erika, the tropical storm, is now an increased threat to the bahamas and florida. more on that in a minute. we've got a lot of sunshine there. get used to it. we're going to see a lot more. 77 degrees. the wind is north at 7 miles an hour. it's 6 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. so, it's even more comfortable. it's in the low 70s to the north and west. 65 degrees at mt. pocono, which is pretty cool for this time of the day at this time of the year. we're near 80 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. in the upper 70s near the beaches. ocean temperature is 76 degrees. we have nothing but sunshine out there right now. and not a whole lot of moisture.
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nearest showers of any significance are way up in canada and not coming this way. here's the futurecast as we go through the afternoon. the west-northwest winds, dry winds continue. that goes through the night and into tomorrow morning. nice and comfortable. and then thursday similar story, hardly any clouds around for the next three days. now, a different story in the bahamas and caribbean over the next couple of days. there's miami and there's erika. it's still east of the caribbean, but not by a whole lot. less than 300 miles away from antigua. 45-mile-an-hour maximum winds moving west at 17. a lot more thunderstorms around the center now. the latest forecast from the national hurricane center keeps it pretty weak as it heads toward the ba hhamas.
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bermuda high is going to prevent it from curving straight out to sea. if it manages to survive the trip to the bahamas, the conditions will become more favorable for strengthening and it looks like it's headed in the general direction of florida. in this forecast, as a category 1 hurricane. so, that is definitely something to watch. now, there is a reason that it's not going to be intensifying quickly. this area, the yellows and the oranges, that is wind shear, where there's too much wind higher up in the atmosphere, rips the tops of the storm off. so, the more color, the more the shear, and the less it can strengthen. look what happens when it gets to the bahamas? the shear goes away and it can strengthen then. sunny and nice for us today. temperatures in the high to low 80s. very low humidity. that will continue thursday and
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friday. saturday it starts to get more humid and a little bit hotter. then we get into the 90s, perhaps starting on sunday. we continue to follow that breaking news out of virginia after a tv news crew was murdered on live television. a gunman fired at least eight shots. the gunman is still on the run. a manhunt continues in virginia. we'll have an update on the investigation just ahead. plus, the defendant takes the stand in a controversial prep school rape trial. we'll let you hear what he had to say in his own defense.
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11:25. she's a young girl who could paint and play sports. one thing missing is a forever family. tracy davidson introduces us to akisha, this week's wednesday's child. >> you're welcome to paint any pottery. >> she's a sweet and thoughtful girl, a kind personality and loves to express her creative side. she headed to busy bees to make a birthday gift for a friend. >> best thing about art, if you make a mistake, it's not really a mistake. >> she got down to work and had a blast painting her cookie jar. >> she's a very playful, energetic young lady who loves to laugh. she loves arts and crafts. >> besides art, this 10-year-old has several other passions.
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>> she is amazing at sports. as well as academics. she's great in math and reading. but she really, really loves sports. >> the fifth grader loves school and knows why it's so important. >> what i like about school is that you can learn. when you learn education, you get older and you can learn how to take care of yourself. >> she is looking for the love and support that comes from a forever family. >> she would do best with a two-parent home who has one child or no other children, so that she can get the attention that children her age need. >> akisha has a big heart she's ready to share. >> what love looks like for me is someone that cares for another person and meant to be. love looks like something that's meant to be for one another. >> akisha is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you'd like to help make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, just go to
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and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. in fact, getting new information right now. authorities have confirmed the name of the man they're looking for suspected of killing a television news reporter and photographer on live television this morning. they are naming him as vester lee flanagan, a 41-year-old, disgruntled former station there at that roanoke tv station. they are pursuing him now, looking for him on virginia highways. we'll have more on this breaking story later for you this morning. plus, we'll show you how the papal visit has inspired a work of art that you'll likely be seeing a lot of over the next few weeks.
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we have some major developments to tell you about in a breaking news story we've
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been following out of virginia where the news crew was shot to death this morning on live television. we now know that the killer recorded the shooting with his own camera and posted that video online. it has since been taken down. the suspect is identified as vester lee flanagan, a man who used to work as a reporter for that tv station in roanoke, virginia, the cbs affiliate. the video he recorded of the murders has been taken down. his twitter account has been suspended but he's still on the run. police haven't caught him yet. the reporter, 24-year-old allison parker and her photographer, 27-year-old adam ward, were doing a live interview on a tourism story at a shopping center when the gunman just walked up and open fire. the anchor was shocked there. it took a long time for them to figure out what was going on. both were working for the morning show there at that cbs station. they were reporting on a story about tourism development when shots were fired.
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virginia governor terry mcauliffe says authorities know who that shooter is, identified as vester lee flanagan, also bri brice williams. the shooting happened at a shopping center in moneta, south of roanoke. police asked all station employees to stay in the building and all schools are on lockdown as a precaution. adam ward, the murdered photographer, his fiancee, is also a producer at that tv station. her name is melissa ott, a graduate of penn state and was an intern here at nbc10 in 2011. stay with us for more on this breaking news out of virginia as we continue to follow developments. checking our other top stories right now, a police captain says that one officer saved another officer's life
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this morning. police were called out to an armed robbery in the cobbs creek neighborhood. they say the suspect ran around a corner, waiting for the officer chasing him on foot. the officer's partner saw him, told him to drop his gun. he refused. police shot him. the suspect was taken to the hospital for surgery. no word on his condition. a fire fueled by open gas line sent flames through the roof of abrams apartments in king of prussia. one person was injured. fire officials tell us 16 apartments were destroyed. pico crews helped firefighters shut off the gas and put out the two-alarm fire. a 22-year-old man died in this violent crash on route 130 and beverly road in burlington township this morning. the crash happened just after 3:00. a second man was flown to the hospital with significant head injuries and broken ribs. the highway has reopened. a former prep school student accused of raping a classmate
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defended himself in court today. 19-year-old owen lebree is accused of assaulting a then 16-year-old freshman at an elite prep school in new hampshire. police say the assault was part of a ritual at st. paul's prep school known as the senior salute, which seniors are encouraged to have sex with younger students. on the stand he said he reached out to the girl because he liked her. >> the testimony in this trial that you gave a senior salute to jessie. is that correct? >> yes. >> did you give her a senior salute? >> it's a little different because i was friendly with jessie. yes, calling it a senior salute is -- yes, that's accurate. >> labrie says the two had consensual sex but not intercourse, consensual contact, anyway. he said he had a flirty relationship with the freshman. >> a sptded terrorist, that's how the french now see the alleged shooter in that train attack that was foiled by the
11:35 am
three american heroes and a british citizen. authorities led the moroccan man blindfolded and barefoot into a paris courtroom yesterday. he's charged with attempted murder, attempted mass murder, and belonging to a terrorist group. the american who was shot in the back is in stable condition. one of the three others who helped subdue the suspect can't believe the way they are being honored by the french citizens. >> like i'm in a dream. unreal. two days ago we were just on the train and two days later, all this has happened. it's pretty crazy. >> now, that man there, sadler, he's back home in the u.s. his two friends are in germany. one is seeing a military doctor for injuries he suffered in that attack on the train. another winner of a day down the shore. look at this of people you can be gjealous of right now.
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a live look at cape may, cape may county. for people there, they're loving the conditions. it's actually nice no matter where you are this morning. we're just hoping this weather can last for a while. let's find out now with nbc10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn? >> yeah, chris, it's going to be another beautiful day and beautiful night for baseball. the cooler conditions and the different wind direction prevented a couple of home runs last night. there were enough the night before. the conditions tonight will not be as favorable as they were two nights ago for home runs. it's in the 70s across much of the area now. 77 in philadelphia. low 70s to the north and west. we've got lots of sunshine out there. it's dry across not just the northeast but much of the country. going through the day today, temperatures getting into the 80s but the humidity stays very low, so it is a delightful day with more to come. the big feature that we're
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watching in the weather, this is tropical storm erika. it's getting closer and closer to the caribbean. and it may get strong enough to cause some problems and head in the general direction of florida. more on the track of erika and the rest of our seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has approved a disaster emergency proclamation for delaware county. now, this stems from that storm in june that reeked havoc on a lot of communities. delaware county council chairman made that announcement this morning. a giant wall of dust rolled over phoenix last night. this storm is called a haboob. you can see it in the time-lapsed video moving across the sky, moving across the city. meteorologistless say the haboob formed as an intense thunderstorm in the area. it actually flipped over an 18-wheeler on the highway there. atlantic city casino workers
11:38 am
union says it's giving carl icahn a final chance to avoid a strike at trump taj mahal. local 54 of the unite-h.e.r.e. union held a preparation meeting at the casino yesterday. they are threatening to walk off the job if the casino does not restore health insurance and pension coverage for the workers. last month a bankruptcy judge ruled the owners of the casino have the right to eliminate or suspend those benefits. if you're looking for a job this morning, well, this is the place to be. the ppl center in allentown is having a job fair. the arena, which opened last october, is looking for part-time workers. the job fair is taking place right now until 3:00 p.m. at the ppl center in allentown. we also have a recall to tell you about this morning. about 4,400 scagg power riding lawn mowers are being recalled.
11:39 am
they have concerns about the gas tank. they say it can leak and pose a fire hazard. they were sold from october 2014 through may of this year. if you have one, stop using it immediately and contact scagg power equipment or an authorized dealer for a free repair. we are following some major developments on a breaking story this morning out of virginia where a television news crew was killed on live television, shot to death by a gunman. the authorities have identified the gunman as a former station employee of that tv station there in virginia. the cbs affiliate in roanoke. we also have found out that the killer recorded the shooting with his own camera and posted that video online. the killer has been identifi identified -- the suspect identified as vester lee flanagan ii, a former reporter at that tv station, the cbs affiliate in roanoke. the video he posted to twitter was taken down. twitter has suspended his account. police are still looking for
11:40 am
him. abc news is now reporting that flanagan, the suspect, sent abc news a 23-page manifesto recently. we're still looking into that and scanning what that's all about and following these updates for you. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know of any information as it comes across. again, the suspect, the killer, is still on the run in virginia. art inspired by the upcoming papal visit. a local man says, pope francis' trip to philadelphia compels him to paint. he'll join us to talk about why he felt he was destined to create this work that many of you will see during the world meeting of families. tropical storm is on track and could bring it to florida. i'll show you when it could strike there. plus, i'll show you my seven-day forecast coming up.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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smu we're following developments out of virginia in the case of a news crew shot to death on live television. we know the suspect is a former tv station employee and he recorded the video and posted it online, which has been removed. he's been identified as vester lee flanagan. he used to work at the station in roanoke, the cbs affiliate, as a reporter a few years ago. police are still trying to find him. he was tweeting on the run before his twitter account was suspended. allison parker and adam ward are
11:44 am
the two names of the reporter and photographer who were killed this morning during the live television interview at a shopping center when the gunman opened up, he open fire. they were working the morning shift there, the morning show, when they were killed, reporting a story about tourism. vester lee flanagan identified as the suspect. police are still looking for him. we found out that he recently delivered a 23-page manifesto to abc news. we will continue following this story and bring you any developments throughout the morning and on the "nbc10 news" app. a bittersweet day for a minnesota woman. she's scheduled to give birth to twin girls today knowing that one of them probably won't survive. amber mccoullough, she joined her identical twins are joined at chest, stomach and hips. the doctors plan to deliver them and separate the girls in a
11:45 am
12-hour surgery today in colorado. they say olivia has the most challenges and likely will not survive after being born. >> i'm absolutely dreading it because it's olivia's last day. but hopefully we'll have hannah pull through. >> amber says she doesn't know what health challenges may lie ahead for hannah after she's born, but she is comforted by the outpouring of support she received from friends, family and perfect strangers. they threw her a prayer shower with presents to honor the lives of both babies. well, new research shows that clothing worn by visitors to a neonalgts intensive care unit may actually put babies at risk for a respiratory infection. the study found 4% of swabs collected from the clothing of nicu visitors had detectable case of rsv. researchers say they need to do
11:46 am
more studies to figure out how long rsv remains infectious on clothing and if separate gowns should be worn when visiting the nicu. let's talk about something that is a bit of a more cheerful subject. pope francis' upcoming visit has really inspired a local artist to create not one but two new works and it caught the eye of the organizers of the world meeting of families. aramark has licensed the paintings to be used on official merchandise sold during the papal visit. we are talking now to perry milo, the artist who created these works. he's joining us in the studio. we've got to talk about your inspiration for these paintings. i mean, when i read this earlier today, they said, look, chris, you're interviewing perry, he's been commissioned to paint the official portrait of -- oh, by the way, did you see this? is that not beautiful or what? the pope kind of blowing a kiss there. tell us why this was almost divine intervention for you to paint -- to do these works.
11:47 am
>> my wife, my beautiful wife angela inspired me at the end of february when it was announced pope francis would be visiting the country to paint him, being i'm a pop artist. i immediately rushed to canvas. the next day i created the work in eight hours, lightning speed time. >> you did this in eight hours? >> i did so. i believe so because it was divine spiritual intervention through the connection of my grandfather named defrancesco, a daughter named francesca and new daughter to be born the week the pope comes. by the way, my birth day is also st. francis day. >> you had no choice. >> it came right out of the soul. now we have the paintings to share with the world. >> you did this just on the urging of your wife and your connection to the name, st. francis. and you took this painting to the world meeting of family organizers and they said what? >> i showed it to some officials
11:48 am
actually the next day after creating it. and they brought it to their boardroom at the archdiocese about three, four weeks later. we crafted a beautiful collaboration. >> that was it. they commissioned it. this is the official work of art, the official portrait of francis that you will see all over the place soon. you'll also see another work of perry's on merchandise for the world meeting of families, right? >> yeah. >> we have some of that on display up here for you. t-shirts, mugs, everything. tell us about this image of pope francis' first -- talk about the one in front of the art museum. what is the message you were trying to send? >> the one in front of the art museum was really my vision after finishing the prayer for peace. it was the vision of what the euphoria will be in front of 1.5 million people when the pope visits not only our city, our country, but the world. and it's the euphoria of being in front of the 1.5 million people and waving hello and blessing the world. >> and then the prayer for peace
11:49 am
is the name of this portrait. tell us what inspired you and what francis n your mind, is doing in this portrait? >> pope francis in this portrait for all intents and purposes is blowing a kiss to the world. in the background you can see north america and south america, and i actually think i'm -- >> oh, right, yeah. >> i'm going to go back up top and add the continent of africa in there. so, he's sharing his message of everyone being created equal and sharing in love and togetherness. >> well, it is a beautiful work. and a work that he's still working on, in fact. but it's already a masterpiece. perry milo, a local artist who has painted these works that will be all over merchandise and official memorabilia to commemorate this historic moment in philadelphia. thank you for sharing your skill with the world. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> perry lives nearby in washington crossing, by the way. glenn? well, we had some real nice
11:50 am
weather yesterday. a lot more comfortable than it has been lately, but we're going to be seeing even more comfort as we go into the rest of the day today and into the rest of the week. we're going to be seeing these temperatures go into the 80s, but we're talking about low 80s instead of the high 80s. and we'll be getting into the 90s as we go into the weekend and next week. we'll be talking about erika. the conditions right now, 77 degrees. the wind is north at 7 miles an hour. there's a live picture from camel beach in the poconos. another beautiful day there as well. now, temperatures are in the generally low to mid-70s across much of the area. 60s in the poconos. 77 degrees in philadelphia and
11:51 am
washington township. mt. holly, 76. as we head toward the beaches, near 80 degrees. so, nobody's going to be really warm today. we're going to be having a lot of sunshine as well. just some fair weather clouds around the great lakes. dry weather across much of the country. that, of course, is going to continue as well. hardly any kind of cloud cover this afternoon. temperatures in some places won't even get to the 80-degree mark. the other thing we're doing is we're watching erika, tropical storm approaching the caribbean with 45-mile-an-hour winds and the forecast from the computer models take it near san juan and then up toward florida. more on that coming up as we get a new advisory later this afternoon. for the rest of the day today, sunny and nice. high temperatures into the low 80s. low humidity, that is going to continue. and then tomorrow, same story.
11:52 am
very low humidity. friday, same story. then the humidity starts to go up and the temperature goes up over the weekend. and we get into the 90s. an update on the breaking news out of virginia where a television news crew was shot and killed this morning. we now know that the msnbc is reporting that the suspect, vester lee flanagan, has shot and killed himself. is that what we're told? he is, indeed, dead according -- that's what they're reporting. that the suspect has shot and killed himself. we're standing by for a live report from nbc news coming up at the top of the hour at noon. again, the breaking news here that msnbc is reporting is that vester lee flanagan ii, the suspect in this morning's murder on live television, a reporter allison parker and photo journalist adam ward, has killed himself as authorities were closing in on him. he used the name bryce williams on the air.
11:53 am
he was a former tv station employee there at the same station in roanoke a few years ago. he used the name bryce williams. on air. and he apparently, for whatever reason, came this morning to the scene of a live report during the morning show and killed this reporter, allison parker, and her cameraman, adam ward. and also shot another woman. we're right back after this with more.
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11:56 am
an update on the breaking news out of virginia. the suspect, the man suspected of killing a television news reporter and photographer on live television this morning, a former reporter himself, according to msnbc has taken his own life. also, the station where these employees worked in virginia is also tweeting that the suspect killed himself on i-66 in virginia. authorities were desperately trying to arrest him after that shooting took place this morning. the suspect identified as vester lee flanagan, a former television news reporter at the cbs affiliate in roanoke. and we have a network report coming up at noon. let's go now to tell you what's happening with the weather. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn
11:57 am
"hurricane" schwartz is here. glenn, what can we say? it's a really nice day out there. you'll have more for us on 4:00 p.m. stand by for a network reporter.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. >> and good morning everyone. we've got breaking news on a very troubling story out of virginia. a pair of television journalists at a local cbs affiliate there, allison parker, a reporter, and photographer adam ward was shot and killed early this morning during a live broadcast. the attack captured on air. >> the suspect has been identified as 41-year-old vester flanagan, a former reporter at that same station.


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